What Does a Property Manager Do in Park City?

I’d rather ask, what does a great property manager do in Park City? A great property manager is priceless, in my book. And probably underpaid, and here is why.


When you purchase a vacation or second home, you don’t want to have to worry about a thing while you are not in town. Peace of mind is what you strive for, not worry.

While you are away from your Park City nest, someone is checking on your home or condo at least once per week. Is there any water or a toilet running? Water is super expensive. Running water will result in an enormous water bill. That alone is worth the price of a property manager. A funny smell signaling an issue? Maybe from a leak, which could result in mold growth. Rodents? Doors and windows locked? Is your hot tub serviced? In the winter, is the roof getting cleared of snow and ice? Is the heat tape turned on and functioning properly? Any circuit breakers tripped? Again, catching these issues before they become bigger issues saves you thousands of dollars.

Are you going to rent nightly? Is your property manager screening your guests, getting security deposits, checking to make sure no damage was done and/or items missing. If there is damage, handling the collection from the security deposit?

Best of all, you came to Park City to relax and have fun. Not to run errands and wait for the cable guy to show up. When you have a great property manager, your vacation home is used as a vacation home, not another property to start another punch list for. That’s no fun.


Basically, next time you think you can handle all this second home ownership from afar, think twice and crunch the numbers. The money you spend on a great property manager is saved several times over in the repairs that were prevented, peace of mind and having fun in Park City.

For recommendations on great property managers, please give me a call.

Randy Jimenez