Understanding the Home Closing Process


Communication is key for a smooth closing process, whether you are a Buyer or Seller. There are a lot of moving parts, but with coordination and cooperation amongst all parties, the process should be seamless. The title company, lender, and both Buyer’s Agent and Seller’s Agent will all be working on the back end to ensure you have a positive experience.


Here is what you can do to help the process move smoothly and on time:

1.     Understand the terminology. In Utah, the Settlement Deadline is when both Buyer and Seller have signed their documents. Buyer has wired their funds to the title company. This is different from the Closing, which is when the lender has wired in the funds and the deed is recorded at the County. Only after funding and recording, is the property “closed” and title has changed hands. That is when the Buyer gets access to the property. Often times this can happen on the same day. But sometimes it doesn’t, so be prepared for the actual day of “possession” when scheduling movers, cleaners and contractors.

2.     Communicate early to your agent whether you will be in town for the Settlement. It is crucial for the title company to coordinate with the Buyer and Seller if a notary is needed, if documents need to be mailed overnight and to correctly schedule the wiring of funds so the cutoff times are met and within contract deadlines.

3.     Be extremely cautious of wire fraud. Get your wiring instructions directly from the title company and be sure to call and confirm that the wiring instructions were sent from the title company and not a fraudulent source. I have my Buyers and Sellers read and sign a Wire Fraud Disclosure, which gives pointers on what to look for to protect you from fraud.

4.     Call the utility companies to make sure you have either turned off or turned on your utilities. Plan ahead for cable hook ups. These appointments might take a while to schedule. The title company will transfer your water and sewer hook up.

5.     Sellers, for your Settlement appointment, need to bring government photo ID and the account number of the bank account you want your funds wired to. Buyers will need to bring a photo ID as well.


 Do you have additional questions about the closing process? I am available to help answer them. Please call me at 801-550-7563.

Mary Ciminelli