3 Common Matters to Watch for When Selling Your Home


Selling a home is both an art and a science. A true professional realtor is great at blending both to achieve the best results for Sellers. Let’s face it, you hired a professional for a reason. So why not listen to what he/she has to say? 


The first matter to watch for when selling your home is your list price. You do not need to offer a lot of wiggle room on the list price, especially when entering a softening real estate market. This is where your professional realtor works her magic. We have at our disposal legitimate market statistics that show what the market is doing in your specific neighborhood. We also attend open houses in the neighborhood to understand the nuances of each home on the market. This combination allows us to competitively price your home strategically. Sure, there is a price range of a few thousand dollars, but not tens of thousands of dollars. Price your home correctly to start, you will sell quickly, and often times with a back up offer. Think about this, how much does it cost you per month to own your home? When overpriced with too much wiggle room, you will get no showings, no offers and every month that goes by, will cost you more money and time.

The second is to let your realtor help you stage your property and to get it sparkling clean. Buyers want to walk into your home and imagine it as their home. If you have personal belongings and clutter throughout your home, the Buyers get turned off psychologically. We want to emphasize your home’s views, maximum square footage and architectural features. Buyers are much more receptive to homes that are professionally prepared for sale.


The third and final matter is to hire a realtor! Although you may think that selling your home is easy enough to do yourself, a true professional blends the art and science of selling a home. Pricing, staging, marketing, photography, video, showings and negotiating price and repairs, all take a seasoned Realtor® to navigate the entire process. Time and again, statistics show that listing your home with a Realtor® nets a Seller more money, alleviates stress and frees up valuable time for the Seller.

I provide my clients with the hard work and insight around all of these matters to sell your home at the right price and in a timely manner. Please call at at 801-550-7563 to discuss selling your Park City home. 

Mary Ciminelli