Tips for Getting Ready For Sundance

Get ready for Sundance now? Yes! It’s definitely not too early. The Sundance Film Festival is the largest independent film festival in the United States. The festival draws massive crowds to Park City, UT and the surrounding area for 10 days every January. The 2020 Sundance Film Festival dates are January 23- February 2.


In order to have the most enjoyable Sundance Film Festival it is time to start making plans. First order of business is to book accommodations as Sundance lodging fills up very quickly. Before you book, ask yourself if you are an ardent film viewer, a party person, or both? If you are an ardent film viewer, you should know that most of the film venues are not on Main Street in Park City, but in the Park Meadows and Prospector areas. Main Street is for the parties, product demos, people watching and the all around “scene” and some movies, as the only film venue on Main Street is the Egyptian Theatre.

Second, do your research on film tickets. Securing tickets to films is a task all by itself. The link below contains the info you need to understand the process. › festivals › sundance-film-festival

Third, make dinner reservations in advance. If you want to dine on Main Street or have a nice meal anywhere that is not fast food, secure your dining, or plan to grocery shop and cook meals in your accommodations.


Going to films? Dress appropriately for frigid temps while standing in line to get into the venue. Dress in layers so you can shed a layer or two to be comfortable inside. Comfortable snow boots for walking as well as traction and warmth are a must. Sorel has so many options now that are stylish and functional. But definitely strive for functional as you won’t regret it.

Please take the free public transportation provided. You can get anywhere in town on a free bus system that is clean and safe. There are loops specifically designed for the theaters. Give yourself plenty of time so you don’t feel compelled to grab an Uber. Sure, there are Uber and Lyft rides all about town but you will pay dearly for the rides.

Walking everywhere? Great idea. Please do, but don’t jay walk. There is too much traffic around and about to try to dodge cars. Please be careful when crossing the streets.


Sundance can be an amazing experience, but remember this: Sundance also has a huge impact on the locals. Not just an economic impact, but a quality of life impact. Be mindful of your driving habits (or as alternatives: walk or take the free public transit), be super nice to all in the service industry as the amount of business is overwhelming.

If you plan on traveling to Park City for the 2020 Sundance Film Festival, and have any questions about your stay here, I’m happy to try to help or can direct you to the right people. Welcome to Park City and enjoy the 2020 Fest!

Randy Jimenez