5 Benefits To Owning a Condo In Park City

5 Benefits To Owning a Condo In Park City


I get asked all the time on what are the benefits of owning a condo vs. a single family home in Park City. It seems that there is a misconception about HOA dues and how they are spent, and whether the dues are worth it. Before you draw that conclusion, think about the following benefits you receive when owning a condo:



1. Without a doubt the #1 reason to purchase a condo in Park City rather than a home is the ability to lock the door and leave for peace of mind.


2. The HOA handles exterior maintenance of the grounds and buildings. No need to mow a lawn, paint the railing or repair the roof. Depending on what the HOA covers, you’re off the hook for the hassles of owning a single family home in Park City.


3. Amenities to enjoy, such as a pool, tennis courts, shuttles to Historic Main Street in Park City or the ski resorts. Perhaps even a continental breakfast. Many times basic cable TV and high speed internet are included with the HOA dues. Some condo HOA dues even include all of your utility bills, like gas, electric, water and sewer.



4. Snow removal! Park City obviously gets a lot of snow. We are known for being “the greatest snow on earth” for a reason. Especially after this past winter. Nothing like having someone else plow the driveway and walkways so you can get to the slopes on time.You’re here to have fun and play in the snow, not shovel it.


5. Depending on the development you may have vacation rental management or a property manager on site. Giving you and your guests quicker access to solving maintenance issues, checking in to the condo and overall a better customer service experience.



Calculate how much money you would pay per month for all of the above benefits. Now do you think HOA fees are too high? As long as the HOA is on top of maintenance and manages the budget properly, you will enjoy the condo experience in Park City. Want to make sure the HOA is being managed professionally? Before you purchase, be sure to read the HOA Budget and Meeting Minutes to get a feel for the management. Have questions? Call the president of the HOA and ask detailed questions. Once you purchase, attend the meetings or better yet, join the HOA board.


Give me a call if you want to discuss condo options in the Park City area. I will help you navigate through the multiple choices available to you.

Mary Ciminelli