Park City Transportation Proposed Solutions- REDUCING TRAFFIC IS UP TO US

Photo Courtesy: Al Hartman

Photo Courtesy: Al Hartman


We live and love Park City for all that it has to offer. Gorgeous mountain to recreate in all year round, excellent dining, nightlife, art and music scene, small town feel.

But word got out and now we are feeling the growing pains of others discovering just how cool Park City is.

No question that part of the growing pains is increased traffic in our one-time sleepy town.  

Well, leave it up to the City to figure out some solutions. But the solutions will only work if we actually use them.

That means me, you, your out of town guests and those we sell real estate to.

Here is a synopsis of what’s in the works or has just been adopted.

Park City was issued a federal grant to purchase electric buses to run from Kimball Jct. into town. No emissions (well, they have to be charged, which creates emissions somewhere, I know…) and no noise.

The plan is to apply for the grant again and eventually replace all of our current buses with electric buses. Lovely and quiet. There are some streets in this town that will be extremely pleased when it happens.

The buses run 7 days/week from 7 am to 7 pm. Over 1,000 riders/day are riding the new buses. That helps.

Next, we have the Kamas commuter bus. The schedule has 3 rides coming into Park City in the morning and 3 rides going back to Kamas at the end of the day.

Bonus feature alert! Might have to get back in the middle of the day for an emergency? Got it covered.

There is a program called the Guaranteed Ride Home Program where you could take a cab and get reimbursed. For more details go to

My favorite new transportation add on….Electric Assist Bikes stationed around Park City! Pay for a year or per ride, on an app on your smartphone! Take a look at the details at

Let’s all make a conscious effort to make a difference or our tax dollars will be going to waste.

Randy Jimenez