Fantastic Places to Dine and Drink Off of Main Street, Park City


I understand the allure of Main Street, in Old Town Park City. It’s quaint, cute, cool and chic. I love to dine there myself. But as a local, I’m here to tell you that there are other places to frequent. These new restaurants are fresh, delicious, creative and uncrowded.

You must try Cognition Winery Bistro in Prospector. Located at 1260 Iron Horse Drive. Dennis bottles his own delicious wine on the spot.

His wife, Gina oversees the kitchen and cooks as well. She’s a full blooded Italian. Her sauce makes me cry and miss my grandmother’s. The meatballs are to die for.

They offer full entrees and a variety of small plate options that are all very reasonably priced.

There is live music, with a delightful patio setting and cozy seating inside. 

Brand new to the scene is Twisted Fern. Located in the Park City Market shopping area, closest to Zion’s bank.

The chef hails from Bistro 412 on Main Street. He’s always wanted his own place. Wow. His food is fantastic, creative and locally sourced. The signature cocktail menu looked amazing, all made with Utah distilled spirits.

I went for lunch, so a drink during my busy work day wasn’t an option for me, but I will be back in the evening.

This restaurant also has a nice patio for dining, with amazing views of the Wasatch Back.


Also in the Park City Market shopping area, on the opposite end of the strip, is 5 Seeds. This Australian owned eatery opened last winter.

They feature breakfast and lunch only, serve excellent coffee, along with an exciting menu with an Aussie twist.

Great atmosphere and excellent service round out the scene.

Randy Jimenez