Park City the Dog City


One of my favorite things about Park City is how dog friendly it is. Everyone has a dog! And as long as you clean up after your pooch, you will continue to be able to have your dog in a lot of areas around here. There are opportunities year round to take your best friend out on an adventure. Here is a list of my top places to take my dog when I want to get him some exercise and get myself to the outdoors.

Run-A-Muk Leash-free Dog Area


 This park is located below the Utah Olympic Park in Kimball Junction and is a fenced, off leash area that spans 43 acres of land. There are two trails, a shorter one and a longer one. Both are well maintained and easy to hike. The upper part of the area has a little stream running through it, but the rest of it has little water and little shade so come prepared with water for you and your dog. This park is open all year so you can even go cross country skiing with your dogs when there is snow!

Willow Creek Park


 In addition to playgrounds, playing fields, and courts for tennis and basketball, Willow Creek also has a dog park for your pooches! There is even a dog exercise/agility course in the park. In the summer months, the fenced area opens up to the pond for the dogs to swim in. You can also take your dog out of the fenced area on a leash and around the trail that loops around homes and back to the parking lot.

Round Valley


 Round Valley is an amazing open space for all sorts of activities, including mountain biking, hiking, and trail running. In 2016, the Park City Council designated a large portion of the protected open space to be an off-leash area for dogs. Just be sure to get them back on a leash within 150 feet of an off leash public trail head.

Quinn’s Junction 


 This is another entry point for the Round Valley area. Accessible from the Park City Sports Complex, this is another great trail for you to have a nice hike or walk, while your dog gets to enjoy it with you off-leash.

Pinebrook Trails


 The Alf Engen Train is a great place to take your dog on a walk or a run, especially when it is hot out. There is a pond that dogs can swim in at the bottom of the trail near the playground, and the trail itself cuts through trees that provide some great shade while you’re working up a sweat.

What are some of your favorite areas to take your dog in Park City?

Randy Jimenez