Leaf Peeping Season is Upon Us


Summer is coming to an end, kids are back in school, and the nights are getting pleasantly cooler.

This is such a great time of year here in Park City because while we wait for the snow and skiing, we get a truly amazing performance of colors put on by the trees.

We have canyon maple, quaking aspen, scrub oak, and many more that each change color throughout the fall, leaving you with an array of places and times to get the best views.

The show has already started in Summit Park at the top of Parleys Canyon where I have noticed the first changes from green to yellow and orange.

Now Old Town is popping off as well. Here are some more great places that are perfect for an afternoon drive or a picturesque picnic, or better yet, a hike or mountain bike ride.

Mirror Lake Scenic Byway
Of course the Uintas are going to make the top of the list. The drive through this national forest in the fall colors is breathtaking, and there are countless lakes, trails, and campsites on the way. Dogs are allowed but there is limited/no cell service. What a lovely thought!

Big Cottonwood Canyon
⁃ Accessible from Park City via Guardsmans Pass through mid-November, this is a gorgeous canyon with beautiful views.

With trails off the side of the road all the way down to Salt Lake City, there is a lot to take in. Only downside is the Cottonwood Canyons and are protected watersheds and there are no pooches allowed.

Alpine Scenic Loop Byway
⁃ This road is accessible from Park City via Provo Canyon The loop brings you up to 8,000 feet with views of Mount Timpanogos and Sundance behind the show of bright fall colors. Finish the drive out down through American Fork Canyon, my personal favorite.

Emigration Canyon
⁃ Take the slower, but more scenic route from Park City to the Salt Lake Valley via Emigration Canyon.

With a gently winding road passing through cute homes tucked into the mountainside, Emigration has a burst of color every year that makes you feel like you are in another world. Add a stop at Little Dell Reservoir on the way to take in some lake views as well.

Cummings Parkway Drive – Midway
⁃ Take the road from Midway to Cascade Springs, passing through Snake Creek and all the gorgeous views it has to offer.

Hiking and off-roading through the trails are a great way to experience the changing seasons and enjoy this beautiful time of year.

For more info about Park City and all it has to offer, feel free to give me a call and I would be happy to assist you!

Randy Jimenez