How Might the Lowering of the Legal Blood Alcohol Content to .05% Effect Park City?

Source: Highwest

Source: Highwest

Let’s be honest. I sort of freaked out when I heard that the Utah State Legislature landed a bill on Governor Herbert’s desk for signature, that would lower the legal Blood Alcohol Content in Utah to .05%. Come on, really, Utah? First Bear’s Ears and now this?

 Utah is known for so many amazing things: Greatest Snow on Earth, The Mighty Five National Parks, over 450 miles of single track trails in Park City alone and the list goes on.

However, we are also known to be a bit quirky when it comes to liquor laws. Having lived in both Salt Lake City and Park City, I would say that Park City seems somewhat immune. But what is at stake here is out of state visitor’s perception of Utah and our liquor laws.

Potential tourists already think you can’t get a drink here. But we know that is not true. What is true is that the drink is weaker. And if the Governor signs this bill, you won’t be able to have more than one. I won’t be able to drink at all, given my size.

This would all be a bigger issue if it weren’t for this: THERE IS NO REASON TO EVER GET INTO A CAR IN PARK CITY TO ENJOY COCKTAILS! My husband and I have been taking a cab to Main Street for over 5 years. Paying for a cab is much cheaper than a DUI.

Now we have Uber too. It’s never been easier to hop in a cab. This also alleviates the parking situation in Old Town. We get dropped off right in front of our favorite restaurant. In the summer, we walk home.

Then there is the FREE bus system all over town. Why not take the bus? When I ran my own property management company I always told my guests not to rent a car.

It will just sit there unused. Take the bus to Main Street and walk to ski. Need groceries? Easy. We have at least two grocery delivery services in town that will have your groceries waiting for you at your vacation home.

I still don’t want Governor Herbert to sign that bill into law. But in case he does, my lifestyle won’t change. I will still be calling Scottie at City Ride for a lift to Main Street.

I’ll walk when it’s warm. I’ll take a bus when the timing works out. And I’ll tell my clients who are looking for Park City real estate to make sure they buy something on the bus line, walkable to skiing or has a car service.

Randy Jimenez