3 Reasons to Always Get a Home Inspection Before Buying Luxury Real Estate In Park City


When purchasing a luxury home in Park City, or any home for that matter, always get a home inspection. Some Buyers think it isn’t necessary if the home is new or recently remodeled. All the more reason! Some Buyers feel they know enough about construction to be able to figure out for themselves what repairs need to be made. Don’t be tempted. Hire a professional.

  1. Park City has harsh winters and sunny summers with high UV rays. This environment leads to a lot more wear and tear on roofs. The roof inspection alone is worth the few hundred dollars.

  2. Park City has very hard water. This could lead to heavy wear and tear on appliances, hot water heaters, dishwashers, etc. Appliances don’t last as long if the water is not treated. A good inspector knows the signs of this wear and tear.

  3. You want to know what your future repair costs may be. Or, with new construction or remodel, if the contractor completed the work to current code.

    Just be aware, the Utah Real Estate Purchase Contract section 10.2 states that Buyers are purchasing a home in “as is” condition. If issues come up in inspection, you are now aware of what repairs need to be made. This does not necessarily mean that the Seller will pay for the repairs. Especially if an appliance or roof still functions perfectly fine but is older. The purchase price has been negotiated already. There is always an equitable solution with a reasonable Seller, Buyer and real estate agents.

Mary Ciminelli