Park City School Rankings

Park City is a resort town and also a community of full time residents...Real people and Real community. That is what makes us so special compared to other ski towns. Park City also has the added bonus of being only 30 miles from Salt Lake City, an ever evolving metropolitan area with an excellent international airport, fabulous restaurants, high ranking hospitals, colleges, the University of Utah and remarkable private schools.

Park City High School-2.jpg

Since we have a vibrant full time resident community in Park City, many families are choosing to move here. I am consistently being asked how Park City schools are ranked and which elementary schools are best, so I pulled a few rankings, which are linked below. In addition to schools in Park City there is always private school in Salt Lake City, if a 30 to 45 minute bus ride is not too long for your youngsters. My two children graduated from Rowland Hall, a college prep school in Salt Lake, and were thoroughly prepared for college.

As a long time resident of Park City, I am loaded with information about our local community and various education options. If you are considering a move to Park City with school aged children, feel free to reach out and ask me more details about why my children attended Rowland Hall. I can also help answer questions about Park City neighborhoods and surrounding schools that would be best for you and your family.

Randy Jimenez