How to Price Your Home Currently in Park City

Use an experienced Realtor®.

This could be the shortest blog post ever. It’s really quite simple - Use an experienced Realtor®.

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What sets an experienced Realtor® apart from others?

  1. Realtors® who attend broker open houses regularly have a real sense of what the competition is like, not just from photos on the MLS, and are more likely to understand how your home compares to the competition.

  2. Realtors® that invest in sophisticated software that charts trends, with reliable statistics, not just using the quick tool the MLS provides to get averages of price per square foot and average days on market.

  3. Realtors® that are in the flow of the community, network and get the inside scoop of why a property sold for a certain price. For example: if there were a lot of repairs, was the home in pristine condition, was it a cash and quick close deal and the Sellers just had to get out. This intel is important when comparing your home to others. You want to compare apples to apples and not use outliers in your analysis.

  4. Realtors® who do not use Zestimates or the like in Utah for home values. Utah is a non-disclosure state, which means that our closed home sales prices are not public record and Realtors® will be fined by the Board of Realtors for publishing closed sale prices, which makes Zestimates completely inaccurate. The data is not available for an accurate estimated value.

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Price your home properly by hiring an experienced professional and let them do their job in providing an educated value range for your home. Ultimately, the seller chooses the price. So choose well, and keep the list price in the range given by the professional. You will reap the benefits of a quickly sold home.

Call me at 801-550-7563 with questions about the selling price for your home. I am happy to be your seller’s representative and guide you in the right pricing direction.

Mary Ciminelli