How to Get Your Home Ready for an Open House

Want your Realtor® to host an open house? Then let’s get to work on making your home shine!

In the Park City real estate market, the most time worthy open house day is on Wednesday during the Broker Open House Tour. The best Realtors block out their time to learn what is on the market so they are better educated with establishing a price for a new listing or showing property to Buyers in the future. The Park City Broker Open House tour is open to the public as well. A thoughtfully promoted open house will be advertised on social media. There are plenty of open house signs direct the way to your home for the general public and Realtors alike.

Little Kate Licing room.jpg

Just as if you were preparing your home for the photography and video, you should prepare for the open house. Follow these tips to make your home shine.

  1. De-clutter- remove all of your small appliances from the kitchen counters. Remove personal items from bathroom counters. Remove all clutter from coffee tables.

  2. Let’s face it, we’re in Park City, so put away the dog beds and feeding bowls.

  3. Wash the windows so the views pop and dazzle.

  4. Often overlooked, make your entryway sparkle. Clean the outside of the front door area, clean the door itself, put out a lovely flower pot.

  5. How is your curb appeal today? If it’s winter, clear all of the snow and make it safe to navigate to the front door. In summer, mow the lawn and spruce up the flower beds.

  6. What is the aroma in your home right now? Most owners can not smell their own home. Make sure the laundry is clean and tidy. Light a candle, but nothing too overbearing. You don’t want to make it feel like you are covering up water damage. Just provide a pleasant essence.

Make your open house a party! I throw parties at my open houses. Partnering with an affiliate, like a lender or interior designer, will create a memorable experience. The Realtors will talk about your property and keep it top of mind for Buyers. The general public will remember the great experience. I have thrown sushi and prosecco parties with fabulous results. The attendance was excellent by the local Realtors and the general public attended. We had our best showing during the open house!

This is how I host an open house in Park City:

The extra effort you take to get your home ready for an open house the more it will pay off. The open house will be the first time many Realtors will be in your home. List your home with me and I’ll throw you a great open house party!

Randy Jimenez