Best Mocha in Town


Okay, it’s getting cold. Like, seriously cold. So the other day a friend and I were looking for a nice beverage to warm us up.

Our closest option was Starbucks, right next to the office. Bleh. But it had coffee and a place for us to sit and chat.

As we were in line a girl in front of us ordered a chocolate croissant and a light bulb went off in my head: Ritual Chocolate is right down the street! We quickly ditched the chain and took the 5 minute walk away from Park Ave.

to a sneaky little section of Iron Horse Dr. that houses this wonderful chocolate shop as well as some of my other favorite spots (Windy Ridge Cafe & Fairweather Natural Foods).


As you walk into Ritual you are immediately hit with the smell of delicious, rich, quality chocolate.

Scanning the menu we found an array of amazing looking espresso and chocolate drinks.

We decided to try the Winter Mint Mocha, a seasonal drink of theirs made with their house-made peppermint syrup and Mid Mountain chocolate.

And holy crap it did not disappoint! It was the perfect amount of sweet without being too sugary and tasted like a delicious peppermint chocolate bar melted into some espresso.

Literally the best mocha I’ve ever had.

Ritual Chocolate is great for grabbing drinks, has a handful of tables great for sitting and visiting, and the best part is they make all their chocolate in house on the other side of a window so you can watch the magic while sipping on your delicious beverage.

Randy Jimenez