3 Home Projects to Consider When Buying a Home in Park City


If you’re looking to add value to a recent home purchase in Park City, here’s a great place to start: Landscaping, Roof Replacement and Solar Power.


Nothing adds pizzazz and value like beautiful curb appeal. You can either hire a landscape designer and contractor or do it yourself. I get so many complements on my front yard and my secret weapon is buying a big bag of wild flower seed for the Rocky Mountains to spread in the early spring. Most of the flowers come back on their own year after year. Keep your water bill and water consumption low by removing as much lawn as possible. Let’s face it, you moved to Park City to play outside, not mow a lawn, unless that’s your thing. We can discuss that another time. Important points to consider: do you want to feed deer, elk and moose, or not? Study up on what plants and flowers they love to eat. Want to save money on your water bill? Drought tolerant plants and as little lawn as possible. The price of water in Park City is only going up.


Next on the list is roof repair, and maybe a new roof. But there are a lot of times when just a repair is needed. Always get the opinion of a few roofing contractors to make sure you aren’t getting sold on a completely new roof when one isn’t needed. Heat tape on the roof and gutters is also a great investment in value, you’ll see why this winter. There are icicles and ice dams everywhere in town. Yes, your power bills will increase running the heat tape, but it could save you more money than the repairs from the damage of a leaking roof caused by ice dams. Ask me about reputable contractors.


While we are on the subject of roofs, why not consider solar panels while there are still tax credits available. The price of solar panels has decreased quite a bit over the last few years. The pay off is years sooner than it used to be. And you’re doing great things for the environment. While you’re at it, install an outlet in the garage for an electric car.

It’s always fun to remodel the inside of a home (or not fun, depending on your pain tolerance) but exterior investments can go a long way and they don’t really go out of style. Call me at 801-550-7563 for help finding your new Park City home and for local contractor recommendations.

Mary Ciminelli